Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day

March 8th the day which gives a sense of pride to our womens. "SHE " a beautiful word not just by definition but as a personality. She is love. She is elegance. She is a care and finally she is mom. A salute to a women who has taken so much pains to challenge the world and still fights to prove that her family is the best.

Girls are still less likely to be in school than boys, almost two-thirds of illiterate adults are women, and every 90 seconds a woman dies in pregnancy or due to childbirth-related complications despite the knowledge and resources to make births safe, she said, and women continue to earn less than men for the same work and have unequal inheritance rights and access to land.

A remarkable change in the recent years where women have started coming out from their kitchens to this open world. Now you cant find a occupation without a women.It has been 65 yrs since we got independence but still women are fearing to walk on the streets. Gandhiji rightly said only when a women can walk freely at night then we have got our independence.Crime rate is increasing day by day and most important to be noted is that RAPE, SEXUAL Harassment, FEMALE INFANTICIDE, ABORTIONS etc and list goes on...Lets start respecting them.. For Their Courage, for their aim, for their care and concern and most importantly for their motherly feeling.

The stem of every family and she branches out for the world to grow.
Lets us share our hands for this beautiful cause.Lets stop discriminating.Lets treat them equally. They are a part of US.

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