Friday, March 25, 2011


Resolution: We have decided to follow the path of our invisible soul late. Mr. Vamana Murthi uncle and reach our goals with his blessings.

· We updated about the Launch of RRI in Coimbatore (22 members) and discussed about the proposed projects.

o Wrap it! – A food wastage campaign (March 27) where we will stick stickers in hotels, canteens. In case of wastage they can call us to dispose the wasted food and we will deliver it to the needy.

o STOP-(June 5TH )Safe Traffic obeying Person

· We have decided to pay our membership annually and to collect funds for FAR.

· We have started an account in ICICI Bank, so ppl can drop their checque or transfer their money to Reunite to Redefine India trust Chennai main branch-602001323836

· We have decided to install the play things in ARIVALAYAM On April 16th .

· BalaMurugan Of thiruninravur has taken the responsibility to send messages to all members through mobile.

· We have decided to pay Pavithra(Teacher of ARIVALYAM)a sum of 1000 every month.

· SIS group have proposed a project where they want to do a campaign on personal hygiene, cancer and vaccine mainly for women.

· We will be participating in a rally to be held on April 3rd asking the common man to vote for his country.

· Mélange 2 to be organized by the month of August.

· Unemployed individuals to be directed to SANGFROID a HR consultancy who has assuered 100 % placement for our people.

· Cultural Events to be conducted in our village.

· Counseling to be conducted for all ages of people in our village.

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