Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Law College Incident in Chennai

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Tamil Nadu people might know about this incident and may be even others. But still for those who dont know about this incident, I will narrate it for you.There is a Law College named "Dr. Ambedhkar Law College" in Chennai. For the past few months there has been a divide among the students related to caste(This bloody caste is the root of every problem). It had become so severe that last week there a huge fight among the students and three students were injured - One among them was beaten like hell and he was seriously injured. The root of the problem, as I told before, is related to caste.

Now what happened was there was a divide among the students in printing of a pamphelet regarding a occasion. It had turned so severe that an attack was planned by one student community. This planning had reached the intelligence department of the police, the Principal and the government. Inspite of this no action had been taken. On the day of attack, a boy was beaten like hell and that too in front of the police. About 50 to 75 policemen were present there. No action was taken by the police. Why? It is said that the police and the law college students dont like each other. So when the police saw them fighting among themselves, they sat back and enjoyed. The boy who was beaten at the gate survived.

The next day the Assistant Commisioner of Police, the inspector and other important officials were tansferred to some other place and the other policemen who took no action were suspended. What is the use in suspending after everything was over? It is all politics. The appointment of the principal may also be politics. Coming to the principal, he should be held responsible for everything that has happened. He knew everything about the students, their plans etc.Dont think that nothing can be done by citizens like us. The case will be closed without our knowledge. It is our responsibilty as citizens of India not to forget about this incident and keep reminding the police and government through newspapers and News channels that the case is pending.....

This happened right in front of the policemen...

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